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    An irritating WhatsApp bug is ruining people's phone calls (DETAILS)

    An irritating WhatsApp bug is ruining people's phone calls (DETAILS)

    WhatsApp users have been clobbered by an annoying bug which is causing their phone calls to end prematurely.

    Victims of the glitch first suffer the indignity of having their calls aborted. 

    Then, to add insult to injury, they are told to restart their entire device to get everything working properly again.

    The WhatsApp voice call feature is very popular because it allows users to make free calls to anyone in the world using the app.

    Users affected by the problem are shown a message which says: 

    ‘Call ended because there’s a problem with your phone’s microphone.
    ‘Try restarting your phone and try again.’

    The glitch has struck people running beta versions of the software.

    Some users said it only struck when they were using headphones, but others said it could pounce upon them at any time.

    On Twitter, a WhatsApp user wrote: ‘I have this issue on a Galaxy S8+ running Android 9. It’s not related to using earphones, because it happens also without.’

    WhatsApp recently promised to take legal action against people or companies who break its rules – even if the ‘abuse’ took place on another platform.

    The messaging app has strict guidelines governing its own users’ behaviour and anyone who breaks the terms of service can already be hit by a ban.

    But now the Facebook-owned company wants to take things a bit further by hauling users into court.

    And you don’t need to break the rules on WhatsApp itself to find yourself in trouble, because its enforcers will strike even they find ‘off platform-evidence of abuse’.

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